As an FFP (Former Fat Person), I constantly get asked, “What’s your secret?” Here’s the secret: There is no secret. You just have to commit to eating right and working out. Don’t go on a diet, because as soon as you go off it, you’ll end up right back where you started. Transforming your body is about a lifestyle change, and it starts with changing your mind. People think I got happy because I lost weight. No! I got happy, and as a result, I lost weight.
Listen, I’m human. I don’t always feel like exercising or eating perfectly. That’s why I think I can give you some good perspective on how to stay motivated. I watch people in Los Angeles fall for fads and all I can think is, You’re torturing yourself and jeopardizing your health. And it won’t even produce lasting results! That said, I am all for doing new things. I hope you’ll be inspired to try them along with me, whatever your body goals.

 Kelly Osbourne in the April issue of Redbook. 
I need to get back into hooping! It’s so much fun, and I’ve barely done it in the past few months. New goal for the spring :)